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September 11, 2014 Posting:


Dearest HAU Batch’71 USA Family,

REUNION IV was a resounding success!

Bernadette & I would like to thank our Grand REUNION IV attendees for the three (3) days of virtually non-stop laughter.
The “MEET & GREET” rocked! 29 batch mates were expected and 56 turned out! What a way to begin a high school reunion in a very casual WE ARE FAMILY environment.
Saturday‘s Gala was outstanding. Everyone was well dressed to impress. The Holy Angelic ladies in their respective gowns and cocktail dresses were gorgeously head turners. Not to be upstage, the gentlemen paraded around in their GQ like suits and tuxedos. As usual, the topic of the evening was all about taking each other back in time.
We sang and dance to the beat of the 70’s and were captivated by never ending laughter until our exhausted bodies said...NO MAS!
Sunday’s post reunion picnic was uniquely celebrated. All men and women walked into the room in their convincingly Western/Cowboy attires. As expected, western saloon dancing was the order of the day.
Friends, as we begin to trek the challenges of years ahead, may we continue to enjoy the camaraderie in this HAU BATCH’71 family. Let us collectively reach out to all U.S. resident batch mates and extend an invitation to join the merry making experiences borne out of these reunions.
Once again, thank you everyone for bringing us back in time…the joy of days gone by will forever be in our hearts.
Most of all, may God’s continued blessing be upon us….today and beyond.
Let us look forward to our future reunions in Brentwood, CA, Fresno, CA, East Coast Combine (Washington D.C., Virginia, New York & New Jersey) and the Philippines.


Tony & Bernadette Guiao


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June 10, 2012 Posting:


2009-2012 HAU Batch '71 President

 Dearest HS HAU BATCH'71 Batch mates,

Whewww!  Our third reunion gathering has passed and will be revisited in our memories for years to come.  The night was full of camaraderie, joy and love.  We missed those who were unable to participate.  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended.  We laughed, cried, and celebrated with our friends.  The joys and tears of this reunion will always be part of our lives. 

As always, the women wore fashionable gowns and cocktail dresses, and the gentlemen in their tuxedos and suits.  The ballroom was displayed in colors of cardinal red and gold and arrays of beautifully designed centerpieces. The evening began with an heartfelt invocation  and the usual blessing of food led by our very own Gil Enriquez.  Hawaiian dinner was served buffet style.  An emotional and passionate welcome speech followed immediately after dinner. The evening just got better in its own magnificent way.  Unstoppable camera flashes savoring these moments together was indeed hard to let go. 

As the DJ begun to play 70's music, flood gate opened and the dance floor was full. Dance styles of many sorts were displayed once again.  After all, this evening is for everyone to enjoy.  Surprise numbers were not to be be left out.  The friendship of The Pitpitan's and The Guiao's opened the first surprise number of the evening with their own smooth rendition of "I know How You Love Me" onto the easy & rough "Proud Mary".  Talk about mini skirts and legs!  HAU Batch'71 still has it.  Oh boy..not to be out done, the trio of Lot Gamboa Sigarlaki, Celia Wijangco-Llaguno & Lydia Quiazon-Mills showcased a fabulous dance number practiced in only few hours.  The evening was full of life.  Everyone danced the night away!  What a sight!

Sunday, was very difficult to let go, together.. hands held tight, hugs and tears showed our love for one another.  We left with heavy hearts, but there was a rainbow of promise of another get-together looming in the horizon. 

Keep in touch.  Now is the time more than ever, for this HAU Batch'71 family to come together.  If we can forget the pains of the past, only then we can move forward.  One of my favorite speakers once said, "If we  don't let go of the old, we'll never be able to embrace the new".  "We cannot change the past, but we can do something about the future.  With the right attitude, we will recover more in the future than we've lost in the past.

Thank you to all of you for the unforgettable memories of REUNION III.

May God Bless Us All.

Tony & Bernadette Guiao

June 10, 2012 Posting


First and foremost, the success of REUNION III was all due to the efforts and participation of everyone.

I would like to express my special appreciations to the following for their inspirational support before, during and after the reunion.


Peter & Gloria Yalung-Venzon for their spiritual guidance.
Edith Pingul-Balanza for securing the reunion venue & DJ.
Benny & Precy Pitpitan for the ballroom preparation and beautifully arrange centerpieces.
Myrna Lapid-Caugiran & Theresa Quiambao-Palo for the ballroom preparation.
Precy Salunga-Kersten, Gloria Palo-Yalung, Lorna Dela Pena, Liza Abellanoza-Malbrough for the pre-reunion bash.
Hermina Manabat, Celia Wijangco-Llaguno and Lydia Quiazo-Mills for helping out at The Kersten's.
Liza Abellanoza-Malbrough for the beautiful giveaways.

Last but not least, Bernadette Guiao for being an avid supporter and inspiration. 

If in the event I missed to mention a contributor, and a proper credit is not accorded, my deepest apology.  Everyone's support was vital to the success of REUNION III nonetheless.

My Best,

Tony Guiao






Hello and welcome to the Holy Angel High School Batch '71 "Forever Young" website! The 35th anniversary alumni reunion and celebration that was held in Angeles City on February 25, 2006 has provided the impetus to create this website.  We have acquired tons of pictures and video footage of that fantastic event that we found it necessary to share it with our fellow batchmates.  Little did we know that this mere gesture of sharing photos and videos would somehow bridge the gap of several decades of finding and renewing old friendships as well as making new ones.  Our common bond as alumnis of HAU has survived the test of time and grows continously stronger through the years as evidenced by the successful mini-reunions as well as the Grand Reunions in the years 2006 and 2007.  The Philippine and US Chapters of the HAUBATCH71 have been actively communicating and coordinating events to achieve our goal to reunite friends and batchmates.  We are using this website as one of the tools to reach people on a global range and we have been very happy with the results.  This is your website, therefore, your participation, comments and suggestions will always be welcome and very much appreciated.  We will strive to make this website as wholesome and informative as you would like it to be.

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